Friday, December 14, 2012

Post #100! Catching up with the Jordans

As the title says this is post number 100 for the old Inspector.  Remember all the way back in 2008?  I wrote my first post about the assault of Mrs. Bell Jordan, which occurred on the morning of October 31st, 1911, in Mount Pleasant, Iowa.  This was just a day later then the two-week "schedule" the killer seemed to be keeping starting in Colorado Springs.  I noted in that article that there had been a prowler along the tracks a day before and a few days after the assault on Mrs. Jordan.  This prowler tried to enter a grocery store and was heard tapping on windows of other houses in the neighborhood around the railroad tracks.  Whether or or not this was all the work of the same person is not known.  At the time I was writing that post, I believed this was a botched attempt at murder by the Midwest Axeman.  Today I do not.  But first, a little bit more about the Jordans...
Johnson Barzilla "Zill" Jordan married Samantha Bell Cochran June 19, 1890 in Henry County, Iowa.  Zill worked various jobs in his life and had moved his family to Mount Pleasant in August of 1911 after giving up his livery business.  They had four children, Albert "Bert" Lynn Jordan was their oldest.  At the time of his mother's attack, Bert was a freshman at Iowa Wesleyan University (now Iowa Wesleyan College).  The time of the family's move indicates very strongly they moved for the purpose of helping Bert get through college.  Zill worked just one block away from the house at the Gheen Fuel and Ice Company.  Bell would make a full recovery from the assault but would fail to remember any details.  She would go on to live a normal life, visiting friends in other towns and being a member of the Mount Pleasant community.  Zill would pass away in August of 1943 and Belle would follow ten years later in November of 1953.  Their eldest child, Bert, would move out west and settle in Pueblo, Colorado, a steel mill town.  In early February of 1919, Bert would pass away.  The time line matches up with the introduction of Spanish Flu in Colorado so it is likely he was a victim of the Pandemic.  Now as to why I don't think the attack on Mrs. Jordan was by the Midwest Axeman; the attacker appears to have been right-handed.  There were two wounds on Mrs. Jordan.  A cut and fracture above her right eye, which required five stitches, and another cut and fracture below her right ear.  An attacker coming up from behind the victim would have to swing across their body to cause the injury on the back of her skull if they were left handed.  The same goes for the fracture above her right eye.  For those of you on Twitter I have added a button so you can tell your Twitter-friends about any article you find interesting.  
I thank all you who have read and commented on this blog in the past.  I hope you have all enjoyed it thus far.  May you all have Happy Holidays and enjoy time with your families.

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