Thursday, December 6, 2012

Forensics on Trial

Solving crimes isn't easy.  Tireless work done by dedicated people is still the best, most successful formula for detective work.  One of the cases examined on the NOVA episode posted is the Nicole Simpson murder case in California.  It is an obscure case, so for those who don't know it, I won't spoil the ending.  For those of you who watched the 50 minute episode before clicking the break, notice how the defense team focused on the integrity of the crime scene and evidence gathering.  In solving crimes, the crime scene is the key.  With the now widespread use of DNA evidence crime scene integrity has become even more important.  Imagine what it must have been like for a detective to show up at the crime scene of one the axe murders only to find a line of people standing to walk through the house.  The murder weapon picked up and put down so many times any evidence that could have been gleaned was long gone.  People didn't understand the concept of "trace evidence" in 1911 but they certainly new better than to turn a crime scene into a carnival side show.  

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