Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Colorado Springs – 101

Henry and Blanche Wayne

Four years ago I wrote a brief summary of the murders of two families in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  These crimes are now one-hundred-one years old this week and as far as I know, no one is any closer to naming a possible suspect then they were over a century ago.  I certainly haven’t got any answers but I still dig.  I have corresponded with relatives of the victims as well as other researchers.  I have had promising leads disintegrate into nothing, pleasant surprises from vague guesswork and countless dead ends.  By focusing on then entirety of the series of crimes I have created a lot of work for myself.  The number of facts and fantasies I can delve into on just one of these crimes is enough to bore people (or scare) people over conversations at parties.  Yet, I feel like I am missing something.  Just one more bit of evidence that can snap everything into focus.  Allow me to give a brief update of some things I now know.

First and foremost, there are more photos out there.  The photo on the right is the only photo I know of the axe used at Colorado Springs.  The washtub was hanging on the outside of the Burnham home and was taken because the killer had touched the tub with shoe polish covered hands.  Where the original photo has ended up, I cannot say.

Perhaps more importantly is this little tidbit; the killer at Colorado Springs was left handed.  For the record, that makes Ardenwald, Rainier, Colorado Springs and Villisca all with confirmed left handed unsubs.  This would be an extraordinary coincidence although admittedly, still possibly the work of four different lefties. 

Some other crime scene details have emerged which I will touch on soon and I swear, as soon as I am satisfied with the article, I will publish “Part II” about George Wilson.

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Anonymous said...

Something I found interesting in the Rainier case is that the name "Burnham" comes up there too. Maybe Burnham was a common name, so perhaps it's not surprising. It would be interesting if there was a connection between the Rainier Burnham and the Colorado Burnhams. Here's the relevant article to the Rainier case: