Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Smithsonian...Wow! Has the Inspector arrived!?

Look what I found completely by accident today! linked to my (as well as the excellent Villisca Ax Murders Blog) little ol' blog.  It would have been nice if they'd let me know but I'm quite happy anyway.  Ahh...the internet.  This makes me wish I'd stuck with journalism.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully, this will encourage you to write more!!! - CJL

Anonymous said...

Nice going inspector! Your blog definitely deserves recognition for the hard work and high quality research that you've put into it!


Lonnie said...

Congrats! I started reading your blog from your first post and going forward. I like the way you go though all the facts and details. What makes your site differant from 99% of the others is your hard work in research and just dealing in facts. Like you pointed out in one of your post. Wiki is not the place to look for facts. You research newspapers, make phonecalls and check court records. You even took the time to visit some of the victims gravesites. Thank you for your hard work and most excellant site.