Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Popping By To Say Hello

My mentor
Wow. What's it been? Two years since I posted new content. Okay, well the truth is, there really isn't anything new to post. This leaves you, the reader, trapped listening to the ravings of an anonymous blogger who takes his name from a character in a  favorite childhood movie. I'm actually awaiting the release of Dr. Epperly's forthcoming book on the Villisca Murders. I still answer emails and reply to comments but short of re-posting old articles there's not much to write about. Anyone who may have watched that episode of History Detectives can see what it is I have to do to research these cases. However I'm just me; I don't have a office of interns and producers doing the research for me. Nor do I have the ability to jump on a plane and travel to every town a murder occurred in. But I haven't been entirely lazy; I actually have dug deeper into the Ardenwald / Hill Family murders a lot more. That will be the subject of my future article.

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