Monday, October 1, 2012

Monmouth 101: Inside

I've posted SketchUp models of the crime scenes before.  I have a couple of different layouts for the Dawson's house in Monmouth, IL.  This one is incomplete, intended to be a top down model of the house.  I say it's incomplete because I haven't added most of the interior doors nor are there any windows.  There are other things "wrong" with it, likely, so if you have knowledge let me know.

The back door is in the kitchen, where the stove is sitting.  William and Charity Dawson's room was the small room in the north.  Georgia Dawson was in the larger room to the south.  The front door was found locked but the back door was unlocked.  According to reports, those who discovered the bodies walked through the kitchen into the parlor and discovered Georgia in her bedroom first.  I post this on the 101st anniversary of the murders in Monmouth.


Liam Higginson said...

I'm not sure if this is at all relevant, but have you considered the possibility that the killer may have been using churches to observe and select his victims prior to the murders? I realize that church attendance in the Midwest at this time would have been so prevalent as to be unremarkable, but nevertheless, the fact that mentions of the victims having been at church on the morning (or evening) of the murders, or having had some link to a church keep cropping up in all of the accounts I read lead me to believe that churches somehow played a role in the suspect's methods. If nothing else, they would provide a place where he could observe strangers without drawing unnecessary attention. Perhaps not a vital clue, but I feel an interesting one. Any thoughts?

PS. Glad to have you back, Inspector.

Inspector Winship said...

It's certainly a possibility. I'm not sure if higher church attendance would make it less likely for a stranger to be noticed by regular parish members on a Sunday or not.